Etika Publik

Etika Publikasi

 Majalah Ilmiah Dinamika Administrasi (MIDA) is a peer-reviewed journal committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics. To provide our readers with a journal of the highest quality, we state the following principles of Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement. All articles not by these standards will be removed from the publication at any time even after the publication. By the code of conduct, we will report any cases of suspected plagiarism or duplicate publishing to the relevant authorities. MIDA reserves the right to use plagiarism detecting software to screen submitted papers at all times.

  1. Authors must ensure that they have written original works.
  2. Authors must ensure that the manuscript has not been issued elsewhere.
  3. Authors are responsible for language editing before submitting the article.
  4. Authors submitting their works to the journal for publication as original articles confirm that the submitted works represent their authors’ contributions and have not been copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from other works without clearly citing.
  5. Authors must notify MIDA of any conflicts of interest.
  6. Authors must report any errors they discover in their manuscript to MIDA.
  7. Any work or words of other authors, contributors, or sources should be appropriately credited and referenced.
  8. An author agrees to the license agreement before submitting the article.
  9. All articles must be submitted using the online submission procedure.